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Blue Gel

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New and Improved Blue Gel is a gel-based in a 1 oz 

exp: 3/2024

The color blue is now reformulated with a purplish brown. 

This product is a vaso-constrictor for reduction of swelling, bruising and bleeding. This is the choice for fast onset and reduction of swelling in areas such as lips or inner arms, where bruising and bleeding are a problem. ( Please note the numbing gel color is no longer blue with the new and improved formula.) 


External Use Only. Temporarily relieves discomfort and swelling due to tattooing, permanent makeup or other uncomfortable sensitive procedures.



* Sensitivity test advised prior to use.

  • Apply sparingly to broken skin and cover with occlusive dressing.
  • Product is ineffective when applied to intact skin.
  • Effective (2-5 minutes).
  • Remove product before continuing with your procedure.


    For use by licensed professionals only.