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IA Perma Blend Correction Set


Perma Blend Correctors are designed to fix or prevent incorrect color. The Toner's are used to neutralize colors while Corrector's are used to correct colors that have healed off-color.

  • Perma Blend Set of 4 pigments and 1 thin shading solution

    • Soft Yellow Corrector: Cancels Purple
    • Golden Corrector: Cancels Blue 
    • Pumpkin Corrector: Cancels Blue/Grey
    • Olive Corrector: Cancels Warmth such as Pink/Red.

Perma Blend Permanent Makeup Pigments are for micropigmentation and microblading. Made in the USA with adherence to strict US guidelines by World Famous Ink, one of the oldest and trusted names in the industry. Each bottle is sterile and is insurable in USA and Canada. Usable for lips, eyebrow, eyeliner and cover ups! Certified vegan friendly!