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PMU EyeBrow Pencil Sharpener


Package Included:
1pc X Sharpening Tool


  • Sharpening Eyebrow Pencil Tools: a simple plastic tool that enables you to fix 1818 pencils while sharpening.
  • Microblading Pencil Sharpening Mold: this product should be cleaned with alcohol after use.
  • Cosmetic Eye Brow Pencil Tools: with A, B, C, D Mold, Use a blade to thin out one side of the pencil’s tip. Next, turn the pencil and insert it. Use a blade to thin out this side of the pencil’s tip.
  • 4 in 1 Duckbill Sharpener: It is an excellent tool for inexperienced beginners, for assistants in salons, as well as for professionals.