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Zenus Mac Pen 3 Universal Needle Cartridge


Comes in a box of 10 cartridges.

These full membrane Zenus universal cartridges will fit many PMU machine in the industry.  It will NOT fit the MacPen Original or the MacPen 2. Please visit the MacPen Original Cartridges page to order for the MacPen Original. 

Needle size: 0.30mm/1RL

New disposable hybrid tattoo needle cartridges sterilized sealed package. These Zenus universal cartridges are full membrane and will fit PMU pen/rotary machine that accepts universal cartridges. Professional tattoo needles are harmless, sterilized stainless steel for daily use. Carefully designed and more convenient to use. The cartridges include production dates, lot numbers, Sterilization, and expiration dates. 

 Dipping cartridge needle tip ideally. Please be aware, using the same pigment bottle to load and reload ink will contaminate the existing ink and transfer it to the next client with this technique.


For professional usage only.