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Zenus Macpen 2 Wireless Machine

$399.00 $250.00

Rose Gold

Wireless! Wireless! Wireless! This Permanent Makeup Pen is changing the tattoo game with the new wireless technology features. This non-wired design allows the artist to have easier mobility and comfortable handling

during long usage. The Zenus MacPen II wireless features also allow a much
safer, simple, and cleanliness environment for both the artist and the
clients as well. Our MacPen II is a high-quality machine and is designed to
perform tattooing of permanent eyebrows, lips, and eye lines. The internal motor itself is now Japanese made. Our pen is
crafted to give you the closest feel to an actual pen that you can get with
a tattoo machine. No more worries if your battery won't charge in time between clients! 


All of our pens are equipped with an extra backup battery. This will allow you to have an extra battery with no concerns of your pen running out of charge.                 


Details for the Pen:
- Color: Black, Rose Gold, Lavender, White ( no longer available ) 
- Light Weight: 2.5 ounces 
- Length: 5 inches
- AC: 90-264V 50-60Hz
- DC: 5V 1A
- Power: 5W
- Speed 1: Lowest - 5200 RPM
- Speed 2: Low - 5700 RPM
- Speed 3: Medium - 6300 RPM
- Speed 4: High - 6800 RPM
- Speed 5: Highest - 7300 RPM
- Needle Protrusion: 0 - 3 mm
- speed control

Package Including:
- 1 x Zenus Wireless MacPen II
- 1 x AC/DC Adapter
- 1 x Battery charging line
- 2 x Lithium Battery
- 15 x 1RL/1P Cartridges needle

OUR CARTRIDGES IS NOT MEANT FOR PIGMENT LOADING. Dipping cartridge needle tip ideally. Please be aware, using the same pigment bottle to load and reload ink will contaminate the existing ink and transfer it to the next client with this technique. 

- 1 x Exquisite Packaging