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15 Tips to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

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15 Tips to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

By Inkbox Artistry April 9, 2020

We like to think of ourselves as your cheerleaders, we are here to help ! Here are some hot tips on on how to get your Instagram growing and increasing your engagement.  

15 Tips to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

1. Build Relationships


Engage with your followers by keeping up with their posts, commenting, liking, and interacting with their story post.

Give LENGTHY comments, not just an emoji!

DM's HELP, message and talk to your followers. We do not recommend spamming, but if someone comments on a story that's a great way to strike a conversation.

Comments on your post our also another great way to engage with your followers, and begin a conversation.

2. Interactive Post

Posts with engaging captions  that are interactive can drive more engagement. TRY asking questions, offering your audience to ask you questions on your post.

CAPTIONS are everything so get that ready and on point

PRO TIP do not edit your captions until at least 48 hours.

3. Recency

How often are you posting? We recommend doing at least once a day either on a story or a post feed to stay in the loop with your followers.

4. Following

Find your audience so they can find you! No harm in following, jump on that explore page. Don't forget to engage.

( do not use an automated follower, bot, Instagram will know!)

5. Usage 

Did you know instagram tracks your usage? Stay on longer = more engagement. Watch your followings stories, go through your feed.

6. Consistency

Keep a regular scheduled post on story or feed with content that your followers love. IF you can't beat  the algorithm beat it by posting consistently

7. Relatable

Ask yourself is the content you are providing relatable to your audience? You can post as many times as you want but be sure to make it relatable, where your audience ( followers ) will want to engage, like, comment,  and share!

8. Innovative. 

Does your page bring fresh or new content? Although consistency is key, some people would like new PRO TIP instead of posting photos switch off with videos.


Although, recency and consistency is important... MAKE SURE IT IS WORTHY. sometimes it does Hurt to post. Avoid filler post. If you must reuse a good post do so, and switch it up by bringing new insight!


Giveaway's our great ways to build engagement and grow your audience. Find a product or service you are willing to giveaway.


When you post DOES MATTER.  If your audience is not their to engage with your post, your post automatically become non existent. 

PRO TIP find out when your audience is active. Get on your instagram hit the menu and check out your insights. These are TOOLS to help you understand your audience better.

12. Cross Promote on MULTIPLE Platform 

Share platforms, doesn't hurt to engage your followers and share with them that your on multiple platforms. Cast a huge net into the world and reel in back what you can get ! Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube, and More!

13. IGTV Preview

Post a preview of your video, one minute of it will be shared in your story feed and then moved to IGTV. This will help BUILD ENGAGEMENT

14. Story feed

Use those story stickers to drive more engagement, POLLS, QUESTIONS, EMOJI METER. This is a great way to see who's willing to interact and find to interact with too.

15. Hashtags 

Get your Hashtags organize, by keeping them in your notes! We recommend alternating them out, and having at least 3 different sets.

 ALL 30 maximum hashtags are not required to be used, instagram will automatically think your spamming


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