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Is your Tag 45 Authentic?

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Is your Tag 45 Authentic?

Inkbox Artistry is now carrying The Original Tag 45 !

TIP: ARTISTS BEWARE !!! With the ongoing popularity of Tag 45 Topical Analgesic Numbing in the community of permanent makeup, it's unavoidable to have counterfeits of Tag #45.

As Professional Permanent Makeup Supplier we only want to educate artists on tips on how to avoid purchasing fake products. 

1. Look for the small sticker on the top left corner of the TAG #45 label. It has 4 small black dots over the 4% inside the starburst.
2. Download the Hiddentag app on your smart phone
3. Open the Hiddentag app. Click on HIDDEN TAG SCAN. Position over 4 black dots over area with 4%.
4. The Photo below will come up if it is a GENUINE TAG #45 product.

If there is NO Hidden tag square of 4 dots, it is NOT Genuine TAG #45 Gel.

old packaging of tag #45 fake old packaging of tag #45 fake old packaging of tag #45 fake  no hidden tag

Please keep in mind all these are now considered non authentic versions of tag 45 and are outdated packagings of the numbing.

Credit toFrom Unit Dose

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  • Feb 14, 2022

    — 카지노사이트

  • Mar 09, 2021

    Hi there i purchase tag 45 on ur website i just wanna know long do i apply on eyesbrows and lip after the skin has been broken

    Thank you so much

    — Jenny Le

  • Nov 11, 2020

    Hello! I ordered on Sunday a Monica Ivani Signatura pigment set from you, the price was deducted from my card. But I did not receive any confirmation email from you. Can you look it up? Thanks: Judit Csécsei

    — Csécsei Judit

  • May 28, 2020

    Hi there ,thankyou for the info on your site re. Fake tag#45. I am an aesthetics nurse and a novice SPMU practitionerI. I have purchased Some bottles of tag 45 in the Uk Which I presume are Probably outdated packaging Or fake. The bottles have’ classic containers ‘& ‘Ontario C1’punched into the bottom of the plastic bottle, there is no expiry date on the bottle, which I would expect there to be one being lidocaine and epinephrine. Do You normal have expiry dates on genuine Tag?
    I have got the app for checking if genuine but nothing shows up .
    Please could you give me any information re. Acquiring genuine Tag45in the UK, I was given a bottle when training but that is used up now .can I purchase from yourselves and can you ship to Uk .Any advice you can give me will be appreciated. thank you for your time .
    Kind Regards
    Valerie Hayes

    — Valerie Hayes

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