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20 Productive Things To Do during your down time.

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20 Productive Things To Do during your down time.

By Inkbox Artistry March 21, 2020 

A List of Productive Things To Do during your Down Time

We have come to this frantic moment where a global pandemic has taken over. Non essential business our suddenly being shut down, and prevented from day to day operations. The main thing is to stay on the bright side, we should all focus on the positive where this down time can be productive. The tasks we had put aside and been meaning to do, the tasks we avoided, and the tasks we wish to take on but didn't have the time to do so. 

Here is a check list to go though;

    1. Start cleaning and sanitizing the whole studio for a fresh start when you come back. 
    1. Sage your studio to get rid of bad energy
    2. Sanitizing all door / faucet handles etc.
    3. Update your Consent form, after care instruction, and after care kit
    4. GO GREEN! Ever thought of changing your consent forms online?
    • write down a list of tasks on how to achieve your goals
    • Practicing on mastering your craft or sharpening your skills with an online class.
    • Google
    • Yelp
    • Tik-tok
    • Facebook
    • twitter
    • YouTube
    • Linkedin
    • Pintrest
    • Re-organize your platforms and update with new photos and information
    • Practice your Brow Mapping Skills
    •  print out close up photos of faces to practice drawing
    • get an old mannequin head out and map her out with a practice head band
    •  use either mapping string and/or brow ruler tool to master your shaping skills 
    • Create a Website!
    • get your clients to give you feed backs on ( Google, Yelp, Facebook & More !)
    • Join an online PMU forums
    • Perma Blend Forum provide amazing work from different artists around the world, with recommended colors.
    • Take an Online Course
    • Refresh your blood borne pathogen course or your Permanent Makeup License
    • Seek some YouTube videos on tips on how to improve your technique.
    • Look for some online courses to improve your skills
    • Get your finances in order.
    • Google Sheets the amount of clients your seeing calculate your income of new client vs touch up clients
    • Get your receipts online: there our many apps online that makes it easier to get your reicepets in order. Snap a photo and export it on an excel or google sheet! 
    • Upgrade your scheduling app
    • Square
    • Acuity
    • Schedulista
    • Vagaro
    • Trade Marking / Copy Right
    • protect your brand 
    • Back up important files to a Google Drive or double check your iCloud to be sure its backed up daily.
    • Organize your pictures on your phone
    • delete any burst photos
    • add them to a drop box/ google drive
    • organize your albums so you can quickly locate them
    • Update your Health Department Documents

      Create the opportunities you want by investing in yourself,  education, and learn new skills. Be fearless and know that everything you do will be worth it! You’ll feel more recharged and ready more than ever!

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