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Color Mixing Wheel Chart

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Easy Guide How to guide Mixing Colors : Color Mixing Wheel Chart 
This is great for mixing any kind of colors for any artists such as  painting, tattoos etc.  
  • Quantity 1 
  • This package include one Creative Color Mixing Board with one regular Color Wheel (9.25 inch).
  • Easy-to-use tool that visually illustrates relationships between colors and demonstrates the results Features a grayscale, tints and tones, definitions of color terms, and illustrations of color.
  • Color Wheel helps show which colors are complimentary, and how they go (or don't go) together.
  • Some people know instinctively, and others need a visual tool to help them choose.
  • Two sided wheel with indicators for complementary, split complementary and triad color schemes, how to tint and shade, primary, secondary and tertiary references, and more.