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Inkbox Artistry

IA Pre Inked Eyebrow Mapping String( WHITE )

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Mapping Strings

IA Pre Inked Eyebrow Mapping String

Inkbox Artistry has brought a unique way for eyebrow measuring. Using the brow mapping tool IA Pre Inked Eyebrow Mapping String

  • Predrawing became so much easier with our new Mapping Tool. These strings are pre-ink with cosmetic grade pigment. 
  • Generous 32ft (10m) of pre-marked mapping thread (Thin) 
  • A built-in cutter lets you get the correct string length quickly and easily.
  • Disposable, safe for skin. 
  • Accurate with our thin pre-marked strings.
  • Versatile for any artistic style! Compatible with any brow mapping tool. The pre-inked brow mapping string helps enhance the accuracy of many cosmetic procedures such as areola, scalp, eyes, eyeliner.