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Electrum Premium PMU Membrane Cartridge Needles

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Electrum Premium Tattoo Cartridge Needles for Permanent Makeup or Standard Precision Tattooing

Needles are Universal and fits most Rotary tattoo machines that accept universal needles. ( Compatibility List: Mast Tour, Y22, Nano, Mast Archer Brow daddy Cleo, etc)  

Electrum Tattoo is well-known as one of the most elite and quality brands in the tattoo world. Following the popularity of their Gold Standard tattoo needle cartridges, we are proud to present Electrum PMU Membrane Cartridges! You will notice the difference in quality and performance immediately, from the very first use!

Always a leading innovator in the industry, Electrum offers the most quality equipment with a price point that helps artists leave a lasting mark, while remaining budget friendly. 

Electrum PMU Membrane Cartridge Needles are designed for pure performance, featuring an inner membrane to prevent ink back flow and contamination.

Available in Round Liner, Round Shader, Flat, and Curved Magnum configurations. We are proud to offer sizes that are thoughtfully configured specifically for Permanent Makeup tattooing with the flat, curved magnum, round shader, and round liner configurations in various needle diameters.


20 needles per box.

Needle Diameter

Needle Diameter is the diameter of each individual needle in a grouping/configuration. There are several diameters:

  • 0.20mm (#6) 
  • 0.25mm (#8)
  • 0.30mm (#10)
  • 0.35mm (#12)
  • 0.40mm (#13) 

Needle Taper

Needle Taper is the length of the point at the very end of each needle. Short taper needles will have a shorter point and  long taper needles will have a longer point.

  • Standard (Short) Taper - .15 mm 
  • Long Taper - .2 mm 
  • Double Long Taper - .25 mm 
  • Extra Long Taper - .33 mm
  • Super Extra Long Taper - .7 mm

Needle selection is based on artists personal preference, skin conditions, and design demands.