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Perma Blend

Evenflo Colours by Perma Blend - Blonde to Brunette Brow Set

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The Evenflo Blonde 2 Brunette Set by Perma Blend is designed for permanent makeup brow tattooing. The four pigments in this set can be used on clients with any Fitzpatrick skin type. This set contains 4 1/2oz bottles of brow pigments.  

  • 1/2oz Evenflo Blonde 2 Brunette Set 
  • Evenflo pigments created by Lulu Siciliano 
  • Fluid consistency and natural healed results 
  • World’s first machine-optimized formula 
  • Vegan-friendly, CPNP-registered, and EU-compliant 
  • Made in the USA by Perma Blend 
  • Sold as one set of 4 bottles 

Pigments in Set: 

Gold Blonde, Dark Blonde, Bronzed Brown, Deep Brown