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Perma Blend

Evenflo True Lips

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The Evenflo True Lips set, features 6 new REACH Compliant colors ranging from deep, medium, and light pinks, to beautifully natural nude colors.


EU REACH Compliant & BVL Registered.

True Lips is an exciting pigment set for lips curated for you by Evenflo Colours founder and PMU expert Lulu Siciliano. Like many other Evenflo products, True Lips was manufactured with high-quality ingredients and proper safety standards to help you achieve optimal healed results every time. Now with trendy mauve and fabulously pink tones, this addition to the pigment collection is designed for Lip Blush or Lipstick techniques for both men and women. The balanced formula ensures a beautiful fading process in the long term.

The LUXE Evenflo True Lips set, features 6 new colors ranging from deep, medium, and light pinks, to beautifully natural nude colors.

The new, wide range of colors and EU REACH complaint formula allows artists to take on a whole new world of PMU.

Product features:

  • High pigment load for maximum color retention
  • Formulated to prevent clogging in any size cartridge tip
  • Combination of organic and iron oxides
  • Reflects light and provides multi-dimensional color
  • EU REACH Compliant formulation


Colors included:

  • Dirty French: Earthy, harmonious shade with neutral undertone for natural lip results. Unisex color.
  • Rock Rose: Elegant dusty pink shade with a subtle cool undertone.
  • Divanizer: Powdery lilac color with a cool undertone for a natural nude look.
  • Naturalista: Cinnamon nude colored tone. Unisex color.
  • Romance: Expressive pink with neutral undertone. Also suitable balancing dark/warm brown lip colors.
  • Royal Mauve: Lilac brown shade with a subtle cool undertone. Unisex color

Directions for Use:  

    1. Store in a room temperature environment.  
    2. Do not leave product out in the sun.  
    3. Handle containers with fresh-from-the-box single-use gloved hands.  
    4. Shake pigment for at least 1 minute before pouring.  
    5. After pouring, ensure the lid is securely sealed and return to its storage area.  
    6. To change consistency, only use Perma Blend Shading Solutions. Do not mix with water or other thinning agents.  
    7. Pigment expires 12 months after opening. 
    8. Unopened pigment expires after 3.5 years.
  1. Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

    A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document that contains information on the potential hazards (health, fire, reactivity and environmental) and how to work safely with chemical products. It also contains information on the use, storage, handling and emergency procedures all related to the hazards of the material. Perma Blend SDS documents have been prepared to ensure the highest level of safety while using our products.

     Download Safety Data Sheets