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Inkbox Artistry

INkin Revo Tattoo Cartridge Needles

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  • PROFESSIONAL PERMANENT MAKEUP CARTRIDGES -INKin REVO tattoo needles cartridges modules are suitable - depending on the size for various applications.ideal cartridge needles for micropigmentation & permanent makeup(eyebrows,powder brow,hairstroke brows,eyeliner, lips,microblading,small piece tattoo and hair tattoo-Scalp).
  • REFRESH YOUR CARTRIDGES -It is time to refresh and upgrade your cartridge needles inventory! EZ unlocks the latest technology of cartridge production cartridges so precise you cannot refuse, cartridges that will enable your true artistic talent. tattoo needles in a variety of sizes that are commonly used for lining, coloring, and shading tattoos.The cartridges are compatible with nearly all kinds of rotary and pen style machines!
  • BEST CHOICE -Inner membrane ensures efficient ink flow and helps you create straight, smooth and precise lines effortlessly without causing any harm to the skin! concerns about safety and hygiene, our needle cartridges for tattooing are soldered in a lower tin, assembled in a precise plastic mold and pre-cleaned with EO Gas, then carefully packaged in individual sterile blister packs, ensuring optimal safety and hygiene of each needle wire!
  • RE-DEFINE PRECISION -INKin Revo cartridge needles re-define the word precision in tattooing. which reduces friction,making it work precisely, efficiently and quietly.Our professional team performs multiple steps and tests to ensure each needle and cartridge body is accurately assembled. We have been committing to precise engineering, superior craftsmanship, and rigorous testing for maximum product quality and usage reliability.
  • ROUND LINER PERMANENT MAKEUP CARTRIDGES -The single needle round liner is best for penetrating the skin and creating the most concrete lines. You can use round liners for procedures like lip lining, detailing, and permanent makeup eyeliner. Round liners are also commonly used for pointillism or hair strokes (also known as pixel effects). When you purchase round liners with a higher needle count, these cartridges can even be used for filling.