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Inkin Tattoo Needle Cartridges

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Needle Sizes
  • Inkin Liner PMU&SMP 1rl tattoo cartridge needle modules are suitable - depending on the size for various applications. From a very thin needle, which was developed for fine hair drawings, to a thick needle, which draws strong outlines for lips or eyeliner, you will certainly find every size here! 
  • Our this cartridges needles 1rl is fine, soft, and precise lines are now even easier to create thanks to the membrane, super-sharp needles, and stabilizer. 
  • Inkin cartridge needle modules have been specially developed for areas where the highest standards of quality and hygiene are required, in the cosmetics and tattoo sector. Therefore they can also be combined with all common PMU and tattoo machines that are suitable for needle modules. 
  • The tattoo liner needle modules are manufactured under strict quality standards, hygienically perfect. The housing is made of medical-grade plastic, which reduces friction between needle and housing and ensures a smooth workflow. 
  • Whether hair technique, lip full drawing, or other types of permanent cosmetics, these needle modules ensure clean pigmentation, exact lines, and exceptional color flow.