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Mara Pro Dreamy Eyeliner Set

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Meet MARA Eyeliner & Eyeshadow trio in three buildable natural to dramatic finishes.

  • Warm chocolatey brown - Tiger's Eye
  • Dark smokey brown - Café
  • Modified Black.


Each pigment color penetrates into the eyelid skin smooth, with minimal effort but  maximum os that glory soft retention, and can be worn alone or together for a 3D Shadow Smokey dimension and choose-your-own-adventure intensity.


  • Buildable
  • Enhancing
  • Hybrid (Glycerin Based and are meant to fade)
  • Cruelty Free        
  • Vegan


Tiger's Eye is ideal eyelid shading color, specifically formulated for shaded eyeliner procedure.

This color is rich with warm orange and black colorants in a specific proportion so that allows the shadow to heal brown instead of dull and ashy.

This pigment is great by itself for blending smokey eyeliner shading into the skin, as a top tier of the shaded eyeliner, or mixed with Cafè for deeper milky and dark brown brown looks.

Cafè is a smokey dark brown color. It is great for any shading, together with Tiger's Eye (if you want you brown to be medium to dark value) or together with Red Pepper (orange-red color corrector) for more dark value, yet warm brown results. Proportion can be equal or may vary.

It is also great by itself for clients that want grey shades instead of brown for their shadows and for those, that are very faint and pale naturally, you can use it instead of black for the lash line enhancement.

Black pigment is a pre-modified color to be neutral shade and age gracefully by going out of the skin in black and dull grey shades, avoiding blue and other funky undertones.

We still suggest to modify it with extra warmth, using MARA Pro Black together with Red Pepper color corrector just for a prevention.

Suggested proportion for the initial session is 6:4 Black:Red Pepper and can be adjusted to less or more Red Pepper at the touch up based on how dark it heals.