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MARA Pro Lip Pigments Set

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The goal of MARA is to make permanent makeup procedures accessible, simple and desired yearly.

Set of pigments with all Colors available: Brochure guide details on the color. Click here

  • Brownie Pink- Neutral Shade. Highly requested and and very trendy mauve color. For MSDS, click here
  • Cherry Blossom- Warm Tint. Coral color with light value and Yellow base, which helps to stay efficient with dark and dull lips, as well as all the lip tones. Mixes great with Cranberry, Nude, and others. For MSDS, click here
  • Cranberry- Warm Tint.Coral red color.Mixes with any pigment. Heals as natural warm pink. Goes great as one of the steps in dark pigmentation cover-up. For MSDS, click here
  • Dark Strawberry- Cool Shade. Perfect for berry tint effects. Heals as mid-dark value earthy pink. For MSDS, click here
  • Ginger - Warm Tone. Natural slightly brown pink. Replicates natural lip color. Ideal for those with cool, neutral or pale lips. For MSDS, click here
  • Lollipop - Cool Tint. Natural light pink. Can be used to achieve highly desired blushed look. Works better on pale lips. Can be used in a mixture for dark lips.For MSDS, click here
  • Marshmallow - Cool Tint. Bright pink lip color for pale or naturally pinky lips. Suitable for "Lipstick" and "Watercolor lips" techniques. For MSDS, click here
  • Nude- Natural desert rose color.Perfect for those with light lips of any undertone. Not recommended for clients with naturally bright lips. For MSDS, click here.
  • Raspberry- Cool Shade. Cool pink color. Heals RICH cool or neutral pink of mid value, just like natural lips but better. For MSDS, click here
  • Warm Caramel-Warm pink color with orange earthy and red undertones. neutralizes coolness.  For MSDS, click here.



Are pigments vegan friendly? 

Yes, our pigments are Vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Where are the pigments made? 

All MARA Colors pigments are made in the USA.

Are pigments organic? 

Our MARA Colors pigments are hybrid that are leaning towards organic.
Hybrid pigments are highly concentrated, bright and vivid colors. MARA colorants have small particle size, and that helps them to be spreader and dissolved in the pigmented area very quick, which helps cosmetic tattoo artist to not overwork the area, stay efficient and have more than 50% of color retention all the time. But formula is perfected for PMU so then pigment leaves skin faster (1-4 years) and you have a room for a refresher.