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Mast Cyber Tattoo Needle Cartridge

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Mast Cyber Cartridge Needle

  • Mast Tattoo Innovation - Always at the forefront of the industry, Mast offers revolutionary equipment with a traditional sensibility that helps tattoo artists leave a lasting mark.
  • Great for Tattoo & Smp - The Mast Cyber tattoo needles cartridges is designed to provide the most controlled tattooing sessions with reliable, consistent performance. It features an inner membrane to prevent ink spit-back, allowing for smoother, more optimal procedures, every Cyber tattoo needles has been tested multiple times for optimal performance
  • Compatible All Tattoo Pen Machines - Compatible with any cartridge system grips and are available in Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum, and Curved Magnum, all Mast cartridges are manufactured from high-quality disposable material; they are sterilized and individually packaged for single use only
  • Tattoo Finger Ledge Cartridge Needle - Exquisite in every step of production,Make your tattoo work exceptionally smooth and joyful.
  • Mast Cyber Needles Advantage - their one piece needle and plunger overmold, allowing for maximum stability and ultimate control