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Mast Ocean Heart Cartridges Needles

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Mast Ocean Heart Cartridges Needles

OCEAN HEART aesthetic design, the world's first colorful gradient permanent makeup cartridge.

Multi-colored gradient colors align with the ultimate aestheticism pursued by permanent makeup artists.

The first use of multi-color injection technology in the PMU industry to create colorful gradient visual effects, dreamy and mysterious, so that each MAST cartridge is a unique work of art.

New generation cartridge taper design, thinner and longer. Ultre-slim cartridge taper design with more accurate coloring.
The new generation of products will be more slim taper design. Making the work easier to observe and more accurate to position is a valuable suggestion learned from exchanges with many world-renowned embroidery artists.
It has upgraded the smooth inking, the needle's durability, and operation stability. lt allows the artist to perform their art at will.

Interpretation of the PMU industry: "Find beauty create beauty, share beauty, become the beauty" ideal and pursuit. Let the working tool in hand also become a beautiful fashion item.

OCEAN HEART, the theme of beautiful appearance, makes beauty eternal.

Breakthrough the first MAST continues to pursue the ultimate aesthetics
We listen to artists and through our accumulated experience, continue progressing to meet their professional needs. Higher quality products are MAST unremitting pursuit.