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MEKA Signature Practice Skins by Mosha Studio

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Practice Pad 1 or 2

MEKA Signature Practice Skins by Mosha Studio

The Best Nano Hair Stroke practice skin available. Designed by Mosha StudiobLevel up your Nano Hair Stoke Technique

Beautiful and delicate pattern.

Double Sided

Realistic Feel

Easy to clean with just water wipes

High Quality

Our practice skin sheets are perfect for both beginner and advanced brows artists. There are 2 different designs

Design 1: Line work and hand movement to get you prepared for a basic Hair Stroke foundation. Hair stroke branches, head, body, and tail as well as Combo Brows practice.

Design 2: Full hair stroke brow frames with 3 different common patterns for clients. Empty brow shapes with thin tracer dots. Can be use to practice any brow technique

$6.50 each