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NEW MARA Pro Neutral Lip Pigments Set

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Our newest Neutral Lip Blush Pigments Set is everything you and your clients desire in a single application: brilliantly pigmented, insanely easy to deposit, 2 seriously bright shades. This game-changing formula is the only product you need to target dark lip neutralizations and create most natural baby lip tones. Suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types, but created especially for those with more brown, yellow and black melanin, this set was a product of inspiration to provide you with more creativity as an artist.


MARA Neutral Lip Blush Set is a glowy, pigmentation blurring formula that adds a subtle blush of color to enhance your client’s natural lip.

The innovative formula gives a unique experience of not needing a color corrector separately and just enjoying the process, while giving you client long lasting, sheer lip blush.

This set is, per usual, a hybrid and glycerin rich, pigment due that will always remain looking natural while fading away.




Bright & Light Neutral pigment, that consists of coral red, cooler red, white and yellow tones

This shade perfectly lightens, while keeping the lips baby pink shade without healing warm or cool.

Fits anyone who is anywhere between Fitzpatrick 2-6 (for Fitz 6 we recommend to mix both pigments from the set). No pigmentation, freckle skin to yellow, olive and warm brown undertones.



Bright & Bold warm pigment, that consists of classic red, big portion of yellow, and coral red tones with the slightest amount of white.

This pigment will brighten the lips and keep them noticeably pink, rather than just lighten.

Fits anyone who is anywhere between Fitzpatrick 4-6. Dark brown with cool undertones.