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Inkbox Artistry

Disposable Pigment Tray


Disposable pigment Tray ( Large Size )

Quantiy 50 pcs

8 Moldings: 5 small , 1 medium size and 2 large 

Our disposable trays are unique with white soft plastic molding to help prevent needle damage. This is perfect for Permanent Makeup Artists to reduce the risk of cross contamination. This widely used disposable pigment tray, is perfect to hold multiple  Pigments, Topical Anesthetic, Seconday Anesthetic.  Set up procedures with ease using this tray. 


Easy Read to Use

Disposable Tray is stackable and easy to stow away

Disposable and biodegradable

Disposable for sanitation purposes

Made of Soft Plastic Molding

Perfect for any kind of service in permanent make up , eyeliner, lips, correction, and brows,