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Inkbox Artistry

Zenus Mac Pen 3 Wireless Machine

$399.00 $399.00

Package Including:

-Exquisite Presentation Box w/ Manual Instructions 
- 1 x Zenus Wireless MacPen III
- 1 x AC/DC Adapter
- 1 x Upgraded Battery charging line
- 2 x Upgraded Magnetic Lithium Battery
- 10 x 1RL/1001RL Advance Universal Membrane Cartridges needle


ATTENTION:  DO NOT OVERCHARGE THE BATTERY or keep the battery charge unattended. Once the battery is fully charged, remove the charging line from the battery. DO NOT use any other charging cable or adapter that did not come with the shipping. Doing this could give the battery a short circuit and damage the machine. Do not leave the battery on a charge for days or leaving your battery on no charge for a long period of time, this may potentially ruin the charge and performance of the battery.